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Ordering Custom Corrugated Boxes: Here’s How You Can Save Money!

Optimizing your packaging budget is necessary. While the primarily role of packaging is to protect the product from damage during transit, it also works as a great tool for branding & marketing. Brands spend insane amount of money on product boxes, often not focusing enough on other relevant aspects, such as packaging waste. The retail & ecommerce sector has been facing the flak of environmentalists and activists, because the amount of packaging waste generated every year is huge, and companies are often not doing much about the problem.

One of the better ideas is to switch to corrugated boxes, which are recyclable and reusable, besides being sturdy and trendy. There are companies that sell such boxes with convenient storage service¸ and in this post, we are sharing more details on how your company can save on corrugated boxes.

Find the right vendor

There are many companies that sell corrugated boxes, but you cannot choose any random service, without taking a look at their expertise. Some vendors don’t just manufacture product packaging, but they also help with warehouse services. Brands often don’t order corrugated boxes in bulk because they fear the need for storage, but with many vendors, you can get a discount with a big order and save money by using their warehouse facilities for a nominal fee. Besides storage, you can expect to find more assistance on all other relevant aspects, including structural design, conceptualization and printing.

Getting an estimate

Some vendors may charge more for custom corrugated boxes, but considering that you can save huge on extra product packaging, the price is worth paying. Many brands are still using plain cardboard boxes for their products, and because of that, they need a second box for transit and shipping. In other words, two boxes are required to sell one product. With custom corrugated boxes, you can do away with that. Just make sure that you ask for an estimate in advance, which should be shared with all the relevant details. Paying a tad more for a more customized corrugated box is better than paying for two boxes anyway.

Final word

Product packaging says a lot about your brand, and you have to take the step ahead to ensure that your customers take note of your efforts. Switching to corrugated boxes is a great way of caring for the environment, and that only adds to good publicity in the long run.

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