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Why your property is not selling

Are you having trouble selling your property in the Penticton real estate market? Perhaps you haven’t staged your home well.  Perhaps it doesn’t feel large with open spaces.  Perhaps your walls or carpet are not neutral colors.  Is your place immaculately clean?

Here are some other reasons why you might be going through this frustrating experience.

Your pictures are not attractive

You need to put your best foot forward for potential buyers. Their first interaction with your home will be online. Most buyers will skip over the listing if the photos aren’t professional. Don’t make the mistake of taking the pictures with your cell phone. Get them professionally done.

Your realtor should know how to take excellent pictures or know someone who can. These are mistakes most realtors make in this area.

  • Not getting photos of every room
  • Not using enough overall pictures
  • Subpar photography quality
  • Taking photos of furniture instead of the rooms
  • Not featuring important rooms enough (like the kitchen)

You must market your home well and photography is one of the most important parts to this process. Make sure you and your agent are on the same page and get stunning photos of your property into the listing.

Your real estate agent is not working hard for you

It’s easy to become a real agent but hard to excel at being one of the best. If you hire a weak agent, you’re in for a tough time selling your property.

Take the time to ask around. Find out who is making the most sales in your area and interview those agents before deciding on your top choice.

Asking price is too high

Pricing a home is both a science and an art. A great realtor knows how to set the proper price right from the start so you don’t go through the frustration of finding out later that your price is too high.

No matter how much you think the home is worth, the reality is it’s only worth what a buyer will pay for it. It doesn’t matter how many repairs you’ve made or how much you bought it for. It’s a good signal you’ve priced it too high if you aren’t getting offers.

If you have priced it too high, try cutting the asking price by about 5% to see if it increases offers. The asking price isn’t necessarily your selling price. If you can generate more interest by cutting the price, it might just benefit you in the long-term when a bidding war breaks out.

You need to improve curb appeal

Other sellers in your area are renovating when they need to, cleaning up their homes and improving curb appeal. You must do the same if you want your house to stand out as positively as possible.

Talk to your realtor about needed renovations. Major renovations don’t usually pay off. Your home might just need a bit of touching up to make a major impact on buyers.

Sometimes you need to haul away junk in the yard, have the house professionally cleaned or add a fresh coat of paint. Ask someone to sniff test the home. It’s easy to get used to how your home smells and not realize it needs a fresh scent to help buyers feel more motivated.

You’ve personalized too much

It’s important to show your home in a way where buyers see themselves living in it. It’s a big mistake to stage your home in a way only you like best.

Instead, talk with your realtor about how to best present it for potential buyers. It might be necessary to clear away the stuff in the garage, put your collectibles away or take down the wall of family pictures. It might even mean to remove your pets and yourself from the showing.

Reconsider the open house

Your open house strategy is probably attracting tire kickers, nosy neighbors or even criminals who use these showings to stake out places to burglarize.

A weak real estate agent uses open houses to prospect for more business. The agent can pick up business when a potential buyer can’t afford your home. The agent knows they can show this person another home in the listings they can afford.

Your real estate agent should be spending more time marketing your home or networking with other agents who have buyers for it.

It’s most likely easy to fix why your property isn’t selling. Put the above tips to work and watch more offers roll in.

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