A Bouquet of Delicious Foods to Welcome Your Guests

Since long time ago, people were depending on a war to make them fearful for delicious food. In olden days, people used to get married after a fair fight and eat sumptuous food. This kind of food was served by royal families and aristocracy. Nowadays, countries have gone to war over the deliciousness they serve to their soldiers.

In China, for instance, the soldiers were allowed to eat only what the army brought or what they could cook themselves. In Hong Kong, they are fed what is available at their disposal. In other words, the locals do not feel guilty about serving you with the most delicious food in the world in return for your military aid. This is why the phrase of “not so deliciously prepared” has been coined to show our gratitude for everything we receive, even if it is not the most delicious and healthier one.

The French have an interesting saying which goes something like this: “Carve out your own happiness”. This simply means that each person who is in a position of power creates their own destiny and they create it according to how they feel. By creating dishes that are friendlier to their own soldiers, they are showing their deep gratitude to them. Such foods are instantly known as “French dishes” since they are so easy to cook, so much so, that the locals consider them as sweet and delicious, which of course makes them the ultimate courtesy gift ever.