Benefits Of Making Your Local Food Choices

Local Food is food, which is locally produced within a very short distance from where it is typically consumed, frequently supported by a strong social network and distribution system different from that of the big-scale retail supermarket system. In contrast to its massive consumption in the developed world, in many developing countries food is a precious resource, if people do not have access to it they cannot survive, which is why many rural communities depend on it for their daily nutrition. Producing food for local consumption in this way helps communities become self-sufficient and reduce the pressure on already strained budgets. The many varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables that can be grown locally as well as meats and dairy products, make it possible for consumers to buy more of these goods at a local level, thus creating jobs, boosting revenue and reducing stress.

local food

With the rise in both affluence and poverty in recent years there has been a parallel increase in the demand for healthy, affordable foods which are more environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals. People have started to understand that local food supplies are not being depleted as some experts had previously predicted, but are actually gaining in popularity. Locavore and sustainable eating are becoming more acceptable and people are beginning to realise that it does not necessarily mean you have to consume boring, tasteless, low quality products. By substituting processed foods with locally sourced, nourishing, good quality foods you can give your family the food it needs to grow and develop normally.

Increasing the amount of green vegetables and fruits grown within 100 miles of your home provides you with the vitamins and nutrients needed by your body, as well as ensuring that your carbon footprint is reduced. Producing your own food allows you to be more selective with your food sources and ensure the food you consume gives you the nutrients you need, while saving money you would otherwise spend on grocery shopping. You can enjoy great tasting food, save money and help the environment all at the same time.