Build Your Website Traffic With Blogger

A while back when blogging was just starting to become popular, there was this little company called Blogger, and they were on everybody’s lips. This little site offered one service above all others, and that was to let you blog for free! Blogger is an American online content managing system that allows multiple user blogs with customizable time-stamp posts. Pyra Labs created it first before being bought by Google in 2003.


Blogger hosts the blogs, which are accessible via a separate subdomain of blogspot. That means that not only are the blogs easy to access via the internet, but Google also benefits by sending out traffic to the websites listed on the blog pages. This traffic is generated by search engines, and since it’s free, Google doesn’t have to pay Blogger anything in return. Therefore, Google makes money off of the popularity of the blogging community.

To maximize your Google AdSense income, you need to make sure that you blog about topics related to your business. It’s best to write about your industry on your own website or blog to build trust with your target audience. Then you can sell advertising space to advertisers. Many of the blog programs at Blogger allow advertisers to place text ads within the blogging site pages. To make the most of your Google AdSense income, register for all the different programs at Blogger and write regularly for each of the programs to build trust. You can also use a blog directory like WebProNews to list your blogs for search engine users to find.