Can Joomla Help You?

If you are looking for free blogging software that will keep you away from ad-hoc services like blogger but won’t lose the exclusivity factor, you can forget about blogger. Blogger is actually an American web content management system that allows multiple-user blogs having scheduled time-stamp posts. Pyra Labs developed it in 2001 before acquiring google. Google owns the blogs, which are hosted on a subdomain of popular blogspot. You must have your own site to be able to access the blog.


In contrast to blogger, a few years ago there was another blogging software called Joomla. Joomla is a very complex web content management system with a powerful template engine that allows controlling and organizing of multiple sites at the same time. Its main advantage is its advanced flexibility and ability to manage complex digital products such as digital products, electronic magazines, and other digital goods. Joomla is usually installed by web developers who want to create complex online e-commerce solutions.

Many bloggers work on their blogs full-time and use Joomla to keep track of multiple online business. This helps them to optimize their online marketing campaign because they don’t need to constantly check and update their blog post on the internet. They don’t have to check whether the URL of the blog post has been changed on the internet. This simplifies their blogging work and allows them to focus more on other things. Joomla is not only limited to complex digital products but also allows its users to create simple pages and blogs. Some bloggers also claim that Joomla offers many conveniences and options that other bloggers work hard to maintain and master.