Make Money Through Blog Food

You may be wondering what blog food is as some people refer to it as a blog post, but I prefer to call it food if it is on a blog. This terminology has some basis in reality and even if you cannot blog for money, there are a number of ways you can make money blogging. One of these ways is through advertising on your blog.

blog food

If you write about a particular subject like potpourri and there are a number of blogs talking about that subject, then Google will send an ad to each one of them. The blog owner picks the ad and places it on their blog, and now the other blog owners have to pay Google for this click, because it is an Ad. Now if you want to get paid for blog food or blog posts, you will need a way to put up your own ad that talks about your blog. Some blog owners charge per post and others charge per click. So what you do is create an ad that talks about your blog food and places an ad on a blog that talks about the same thing.

This is the best way to make money through blogging and the most popular type of blog food that is eaten on blogs is food blogging. This is a niche that does not have many advertisers, but there is a lot of content out there. In fact if you want to blog about only food, there is a large amount of content on blogs talking about food. One could say that the reason there are so many blogs talking about food is because there is so much interest in it. Therefore it makes sense that people would want to blog about food.