The Best Foods to Eat When Visiting the Northern India

In north India, where the different cultures have interplayed and mixed with each other, the cuisine has become an inevitable element of life. There are many famous dishes from the subcontinent that have taken the world by storm. The curry is perhaps one of the most popular dishes in north India. Curry is a combination of several dishes like chicken tikka, red chili, and coconut. The dish is spiced with mustard seeds to give it a tangy taste.

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Masala Chutney is also a popular and delicious food from the sub continent of India. It includes various dishes like chutney, red chili, and pickle, which are all spiced and mixed together. The main ingredients in masala chutney are spices like fennel seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper powder, and fried onions or scented mustard seeds, which give the best taste to the masala. Besides this, there are a lot of other ingredients that make the dish delicious.

North Indian cuisines are famous for their spiciness and these dishes are best when cooked in the spices that give it a spicy effect. You will also find that most of the ingredients used in a North Indian meal are chilies, which are derived from garam masala. This makes the taste of the food to be so intense, and so different from the other foods from the subcontinent. If you are planning to visit the northern part of India, then the best foods to eat are those that are well spiced and hot. You will definitely find these dishes very appetizing and delicious.