What is a Blogger?

A blogger (British English), sometimes also known as a Web blogger, is someone who creates posts for the Internet and often gives advice on blogs on their online activity as an independent or everyday human or professional person. In its most popular form, a blogger will create content to share with fellow bloggers. Some Web sites are devoted to the practice of letting other people hire writers, with the bloggers writing posts in exchange for regular blog updates from the writer. Bloggers use different methods to create content, such as online journals and blogging. There are other bloggers who only write about the topic they are passionate about, so they have no particular expertise on any subject.


One of the great advantages of blogging is that it allows you to make connections with other bloggers, and this is one place where you can learn many things, from new ideas and subjects to techniques. For example, one of the top bloggers, Guy Kawasaki created and runs the blog, “Hustle and Bullcrap.” He writes about the Internet, advertising strategies and personal life. Many other successful bloggers also share their knowledge through blogging. You can use one of these websites, like the one at Boomerang, to find others with the same interests, thus increasing your overall knowledge and ability to communicate information to others.

One of the greatest features of blogging is that it allows you to earn money, usually through advertising links placed on your blog. One of the largest blogging websites, WordPress, allows for blogs to earn money by making display of ads on their pages. Bloggers can choose what type of ads they want to display. Bloggers also have the ability to monetize their blogs by becoming affiliates for various companies, thereby getting additional advertising revenue. This can be a very profitable business, especially if you are already making money through other ventures on the Internet, such as affiliate marketing.