Why Should You Use Blogger?

Blogger is an excellent Internet marketing tool for anyone interested in blogging. Blogger offers many benefits that other Internet marketing tools do not offer. The first and probably most obvious benefit that you get from being a blogger is that you are able to make a residual income online from your blogs. This is achieved through the fact that whenever someone visits your blog and clicks on a link to a specific product or service that you have mentioned in your blog, you get paid for it through a link on your site.

Another benefit that blogger offers is that you can set up your own blog without any special skills, and that means that anyone can do it. You will only need a domain name and hosting for your blog, and a WordPress blog. You will also have to spend a bit of time learning how to use the features of WordPress, but it is well worth the effort as this is one of the easiest ways to become an established blogger.

Finally, one of the best things that blogger offers other than making a residual income is that there are many different ways in which you can promote yourself and your blogs. One of the easiest ways to attract visitors is through RSS feeds. Simply install a feeder program on your blog and add a link to one of the RSS directories so that readers can subscribe to your feed. One of the best advantages of blogging over other Internet marketing methods is that it allows for easy, one place, exposure.