Blogging About Food – Is it Becoming a Trend?

Blog Food is a new trend within the blogosphere. Food blogging represents an intricate interweaving of gourmet interest or blog writing with that of actual food photography and cooking. Most blogs, however, use images taken by the blogger themselves and some of these specialize in food photography while others simply focus on blog writing. Some blogs, however, have both content and photography in conjunction with the main theme of the blog posting.

blog food

Food bloggers seem to enjoy a healthy level of self-published success, but it’s not a culture that many traditional website owners and bloggers are finding easy to adapt to. Part of the difficulty stems from the general nature of food and the niche nature of food blogging. As many people know, food critics and professional chefs have a difficult time separating their personal taste from their professional opinion, often times coming off as nitpicky and overly critical. This often leads the individual bloggers involved in the sub-niche of food writing to be overly self-critical of their own writing. Because of this tendency towards self-doubt and criticism, many of these bloggers seem to forget that they are in a business and should conduct business in an objective and professional manner.

Despite the fact that blog food is still a relatively new concept, the quality of blogs written about food continues to grow. Food websites like Serious Eats and Cooks Illustrated continue to provide serious and engaging information for bloggers to work from and enjoy. While it may not be as sexy as the TV shows, this blogging niche is actually gaining enough popularity to make the website operator to consider adding in a section of a blog posting. As a result, it seems as if we could soon see a proliferation of blog posts covering all types of food. We may also see this phenomenon expand to other areas of interest as well such as the fine dining world!